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About Us

Founded in 2020,taineideocl.com is a company that sells clothing. We are a small entity that showcases a wide range of clothing and apparel, as well as a customer department that provides everything from cleaning and styling to repairing and adding apparel. Customers are welcome to contact us at any time to ask questions or talk about clothing. Our copy designer is a licensed designer (this is not a requirement of the clothing industry). We believe that it is important for our customers that their clothing stylists are licensed and trained in design, and that they are knowledgeable and trained in clothing and apparel. Internal experts are always at your service, please send us an email for more information.

This company is owned and operated by

company legal name: Quanzhou Ruiqu Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Unit 703, Lingxiu Tiandi Fortune Center, Quanxiu Road, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province